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Canadian Red Cross Authorized Provider of First Aid and CPR courses.  We offer First Aid and CPR courses in the Greater Toronto Area.  Classes include Standard First Aid, Emergency First Aid, Basic Rescuer CPR, BCLS, Babysitters and Child Safety classes.


Every 15 seconds someone is injured and requires medical've got to be prepared.

You would expect a first aid course to make you more aware of potential dangers.  But did you know your participation may reduce your risk of injury by up to 40%?


Recent Articles and other CPR Resources:

08/07/2004 (Toronto) - Boy Revived After Frantic Search at Toronto Beach (Source: Globe and Mail)
It began as a day of excitement for eight-year-old Isaiah who was joining other inner-city children at the beach with the Urban Promise Toronto day camp.  Camp counsellors later realized he was missing. And it was 12 frantic minutes before lifeguards found the lifeless body of the boy in the chilly water of Lake Ontario off Woodbine Beach.  He had no vital signs, but was revived through CPR and last night remained in critical condition at the Hospital for Sick Children, his parents nearby. < read more >

10/29/2003 (Toronto) - Canadians Do It Faster (Source: Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada)
Canadians have become the fastest in the world at recognizing the symptoms of a heart attack and doing something about it. A new international study comparing the time it took to deliver care to heart attack victims in seven countries found that Canadians took the least time to call for an ambulance. The study was presented today by Dr. Robert Welsh and colleagues at the Canadian Cardiovascular Congress 2003, co-hosted by the Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada and the Canadian Cardiovascular Society. Besides Canada, the other countries in the study were Germany, Spain, France, The Netherlands, Sweden, and the United Kingdom. < read more >

How CPR Works (Source: Ann Meeker-O'Connell,  How Stuff Works)
You're playing your usual weekend pick-up basketball game with friends. Without warning, one of your team mates suddenly crumples to the ground. You scream out his name, but there's no response. His face turns pale and bluish, and you can't see his chest rise and fall to breathe. You listen for a heartbeat, but you can't find a pulse at all. You quickly grab your cell phone and dial 911.
Every year, this type of scenario is played out more than 600 times a day in the United States alone. Without rapid medical intervention, the prognosis is grim. Sudden cardiopulmonary arrest is the leading cause of death for all adults, male or female. < read more >


Learn lifesaving skills in just hours!  Whether you are a professional rescuer, teacher, office worker, or student, Vital CPR - First Aid Training has the right course for you.  Set in a fun, interactive environment, we offer courses for people of all ages, skills and interest levels.

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