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Authorized Provider of Canadian Red Cross First Aid and CPR courses in Toronto

About the Canadian Red Cross Society

One of the leading First Aid training agencies in Canada
Teaches over 350,000 people in First Aid & CPR each year, at participant and Instructor levels

New International Guidelines for First Aid and CPR

First Aid and CPR treatment guidelines are periodically reviewed by medical organizations and researchers.  The international body that is in charge of reviewing the research is called International Liaison Committee on Resuscitation (ILCOR).
In 2005, ILCOR hosted a conference called CoSTR (International Consensus on CPR and ECC Science with Treatment Recommendations).  Over 375 internationally recognized experts in the field of emergency cardiovascular care and cardiopulmonary resuscitation attended the 2005 International CoSTR Conference.

The Canadian Red Cross was the only Canadian training organization to participate on the international committee (CoSTR*) that issued the 2005 guidelines for First Aid and CPR.

Highlights of the new guidelines

- Simplified CPR skills mean CPR is now easier to learn and remember
- Changes to CPR skills emphasize 'Push Hard, Push Fast' - the importance of good technique
- Courses are now customized to participant needs (lay person vs. health care professional)
- All CPR courses now include instruction on public access defibrillation
- Emphasis on Check, Call, Care
- New course format allows for more time to practice skills in class
- Along with the new guidelines, the Red Cross has launched all new first aid manuals and course materials!

Be sure to choose Canadian Red Cross training!  All of our courses provide Red Cross certification.

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